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Within 48 hours of your client's enrollment we will send a letter of good-standing to your mortgage company indicating the new approved lower monthly payment.

A lower monthly payment obligation often means an improved DTI (Debt-to-Income Ratio) and a higher credit score for the Client.

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How it Works:

1. Client enters their information into our online calculator at along with your PromoCode.

2. Client instantly discovers what their new estimated monthly payment will be.

3. Client enters their contact information. We will promptly follow-up to assist them with the enrollment process.

4. Client completes their enrollment paperwork, uploads two forms of identification and their paystubs.

5. We will issue a letter of good-standing within 48 hours to the Loan Officer or Underwriter.

The Student Debt Mortgage Assist Team will work directly with you to answer any questions and satisfy any specific requirements you may request.

Types of Mortgage Loans Being Approved:


Note:  FHA Loans have a 1% rule. The client must pay the higher of either 1% of the full debt amount or show a fixed interest fully amortized loan.

We use a fixed interest fully amortized loan when needed to assist in the mortgage solution.  The Student Debt Mortgage Assist Team is happy to work with the underwriter if they have questions.

Solutions for Mortgage Lenders

✔ We have Solutions to Approve FHA, VA & Conventional Mortgages

✔ 48-Hour Turn Around to your Underwriter

✔ Nearly 100% Mortgage Approvals

✔ Guaranteed Student Loan Program Approval or No Cost to your Client

✔ Dedicated MES Mortgage Team to Assist your Loan Officers, Underwriters & Homebuyers

✔ No Credit Check