For Mortgage Lenders

Types of Mortgage Loans Being Approved:


We use a fixed interest fully amortized loan solution to overcome the 1% rule on FHA loans. The Student Debt Mortgage Assist Team is happy to work with the underwriter if they have questions.

How it Works:

1. Click the button above to contact us to request a meeting with your Underwriters.

2. We will structure a Good-Standing Letter to meet the requirements provided by your Underwriters to ensure mortgage loan approval for your clients.

3. Once the format of the letter is approved, we will issue your organization a PromoCode.

4. We will conduct training for your loan officers on how to utilize our online calculator and share the PromoCode.

The Student Debt Mortgage Assist Team will work directly with your organization to answer any questions and satisfy any specific requirements you may request.

Solutions for Mortgage Lenders

✔ We have Solutions to Approve FHA, VA & Conventional Mortgages

✔ 48-Hour Turn Around to your Underwriter

✔ Nearly 100% Mortgage Approvals

✔ Guaranteed Student Loan Program Approval or No Cost to your Client

✔ Dedicated MES Mortgage Team to Assist your Loan Officers, Underwriters & Homebuyers

✔ No Credit Check